Doc B is the man. <>

Best dentist around did some really good work on saving my teeth and he is easy to talk too he can do everything in his office from cleaning teeth to surgical procedure as well as putting in fake teeth. <>

Dear Dr. Borodaty:

I am very happy with the attention your staff gave to me and my denture problem. Dr. B, Jamie is a terrific technician and a very kind, caring person. I am very confident that I will be fine wearing my dentures on our adventurous trip to Alaska.

I am so happy that Dr. Bucci recommended your practice to me.


Theresa D.

Great Doctor and great staff. The work was customized and very precise, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Extremely happy with the results and I have had many compliments on my smile. <>

The doctor kept his office open, fully staffed, to treat my husband's condition on an emergency basis. So thankful for the excellent treatment and follow-up service! I will definitely contact him for my own upcoming treatment. <>

Dear Dr. Borodaty,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in your office. Your office staff was efficient, helpful and pleasant. Your technical staff always needed to produce fabulous temporaries, in an amazing short time. Your assistants were friendly and efficient. With your offbeat sense of humor, and attention to detail and perfections, you worked miracles in my mouth.

When I first came to your office I just wanted to repair my bridges which kept falling out. But during the very first appointment you ralked me into having treatment for TMJD. Although it took a significant commitment of time fro me, it got rid of my daily headaches which I've had since childhood. Your staff was so pleasant that I didn't mind all the visits. It felt like I was visiting friends. I can't beleive how good it feels to wake up without a headache every day.

You are by far the best dentist I've ever had! I cannot say enough wonderful things about you and your staff. I've already recommended you to a number of friends. We live in the south hills and you are well worth the effort of crossing rivers and going through tunnels. For the first time in my life I love my smile! By changing my jaw line you made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life. I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Most sincerely yours,

Lainee S.

I searched for more than three years to find a dentist that had enough confidence, as well as patience to replace several of the crowns that were replaced by a regular dentist. I never knew that a Protodontist was what I needed. In fact, I had several other Prostodontists in Pittsburgh, only to be disappointed with their design of using traditional 'Denture Teeth' to replace crowns I already had. This was their design, after several visits and consultations to prepare their templates.

Doctor Borodaty was different. He knew what I was looking for, and he worked with me to accomplish the exact effect that I was seeking for new Crowns. Now I can say that both Doctor B, and I are happy with the end result. I am happy to share my experience with Doctor B. In fact, most people do not know that I had 14 teeth recrowned and veneers put on.

There are good Dentists that have a good education. Dr. B has an advanced education as a Prostodonist, and has also taught at the University of Pittsburgh as well. The saying goes that if you can find a better one .... Well Doctor B. is one the Best dentists that I have used to date.

Dr. Brian Borodaty is great! I went to him complaining of tooth pain and he was very thorough. Very professional and friendly guy. The receptionist was also pleasant. I have no complaints. I will be going back to them for my routine checkup. Also the building appears very new and is shaped like a barn.. with a huge mill and a little stream running from silo shaped structures, it's very interesting. And I have to say their bathrooms were really nice and went with the theme lol <>

I had a late Sunday night emergency and called Dr. Borodaty. He immediately opened his office to me and helped me though the problem. I have had many, many dental injections before, with tremendous pain I might add. Dr. Borodaty was so gentle, professional and caring, I was amazed! An injection with NO PAIN!! He helped me. He even contacted me the next day to see how I was feeling. He is the most professional, knowledgable doctor I have ever dealt with. It was a pleasure daling with him and I will make return visits. I highly recommend Dr. Borodaty for your dental needs!!!! KUDO TO THE "GOOD DOCTOR" !!

As a Patient of Doctor Borodaty, I can honestly say that my experience was nearly pain-free. I was so comfortable, that I was able avoid the use of Novacaine for many proceedures which I never had even thought possible of before.

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